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Gifts to Heal 22' 

 December 2022

 For the 5th annual year, Children of Homicide Victims hosted the Gifts to Heal Christmas Event. 



Thank you for helping us heal!

2022 Sponsors

L. Hergins

C. Yarbrough

K. Smith

R. Coleman

C. Wilson

V. Midgorden

H. Matthews

J. Zentrich

B. Gray

S. Carr

M. Jones

M. Kessler

D. Fuentes

K. Gunn

G. Parks

B. Schwartz

V. Oliver

B. Walker

L. Simmons

D. Rabich

I. Crawford

M. Ebling



Carney Family

and Event Sponsors

Kansas City Public Library - Waldo Branch

Show Me You Care KC

HopeFirst DAVIS-N-City

Jenna Hord and Jordan Wents (Lawerence, KS)

DJ Vince

Kyrstal Torello

Pamper Me Party

Ronell's Face Painting

New Partnership! 

 November 2022

 We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Corey's Network, Inc. Corey's Network is a non-profit organization that provides immediate services to families surviving homicide; such as advocacy, connection to community support, and other needs. Corey's Network works with community affiliates to create a wrap around service for clients. Referrals from Corey’s Network will now be accepted by Children of Homicide Victims for individual and group counseling and case management for children that have lost a parent to homicide. We are excited for this partnership!




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