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Group Healing Sessions

Monthly sessions where the children have the opportunity to come together and practice different exercises and activities that aim to help with the stages of grief and the journey too healing. These sessions take place every 4th Saturday of the month.

Due to COVID they can be either in person or virtual.

Private Counseling

Private Counseling is available upon request through an independent licensed counselor for more intense needs.
 The length of sessions are up to the discretion the counselor.

Tutoring and Mentoring

Children have the opportunity to request turning help and mentorship provided by volunteers of the organization. Children will be paired with a fitting match to build mentor-mentee relationship for success in their future.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

COHV Kid families are able to request financial assistance on utility bills and housing based on availability. Fund can either come from third party resources or COHV.

The Carney-Pruitt Scholarship will be open to every graduating Sr. pursing to further their education that also is a child of a homicide victim in the Kansas City Metro Area. Application entries will be accepted May 1st and the deadline is June 1st.

Clothing Closet

Our Clothing Closet program provides victim families in need with new to gently used clothing. Clothing is assemble year round.


Clothing donations are accepted.

Petition Program for Homicide Victims

This program allows us to assist families in creating a petition for change; typically in homicide cases where the conviction and/or time given is below what’s deemed reasonable.

Parent/Guardian Education Classes

This program provides parents and guardians with information and counsel of how to support children going through grieving.

Birthday Parties

The Birthday Party program assists COHV families with financial struggles in providing a birthday party for the COHV kid. COHV will plan and excute a basic party package of cake, decor, and space upon availability.

Grooming Services

We have partnered with some local barbers and stylist that services COHV kids free of charge for birthdays, funerals, and back to school.

Availability is based on the stylists/barbers own availability.

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