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Sunnie Carney

Sunnie was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2017 where she was awarded with a Bachelors degree in Communications and currently is attending the University of Missouri-St.Louis to obtain her MEd. Sunnie has a huge heart for children. She is also a child of a homicide victim. Aside from COHV, she is also a member at The Refuge KC where she is also the Youth Director of Refuge Little League Youth Ministry. Sunnie's goal is to be the voice and the light that leads people to change and the help that transforms a wounded child's heart and mind. 



Ronneisha Morgan

Ronneisha is from Kansas City,MO and is a child of a homicide victim, herself.

Aside, from COHV she is the owner of an independent bakery and very actively involved in community events and networking. Ronneisha's goal is to stand in the gap for children without parents.



Shana Jackson

Shana is from Kansas City, MO and although she is not a child of a homicide victim, she is a co-victim. She lost her child's father to homicide whom she also lost before every experiencing life without a parent. Outside of COHV, Shana works in healthcare and is currently undergoing a Nursing program.



Kevione (Kaye) Scott

Kevione born and raised in Kansas City, MO started out in the program as a COHV Kid. Once Kaye graduated high school she soon stepped into volunteering to mentor other COHV kids, like her. Shortly, after she stepped up into leadership to serve as the Treasurer. Kaye graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2021 with a Bachelors degree in Business.


Administrative Assistant

Jayla Rainey

Jayla born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City with a B.A in Health Science in 2019. Jayla has a background of community outreach and a passion to uplift others by being an active resource through social media. Jayla plans to further her education to study Therapy.

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